Stories by Steven Paduchak

As I finish my bachelor's degree in school, I knew this industry was my calling. I enjoy all aspects aviation has to offer. With family nationwide, I travel each summer to see them. Being around the travelling community is what sparked my interest in air transportation. The rest is history!
Slow morning at Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) in upstate New York - Photo Steven Paduchak

Ever wonder what it’s like to be ’œthat guy?’ Specifically, when trying to get on a particular flight, standing up at the kiosk as the gate agent scans everyone’s boarding pass?  Well people, I had the distinct opportunity to be ’œthat guy.’  Welcome to the world of flying via standby. What is ’œstandby’ flying?  Well, […]

I film in the backseat as we taxi out for the runway inside a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

Though I have been studying aviation management in school for the past three years, I haven’t had a chance to go up for a flight in a general aviation (GA) aircraft yet. I know, that sounds crazy. I’ve traveled commercially all my life. However, all of that changed on an April weekend in Florida, when […]