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For years, I have been told that AirlineReporter needs to do their own podcast. Sigh. Why? I just couldn’t imagine adding on something else. Having to get guests, come up with scripts, and the worst part — editing the audio! I have often asked our writers if they might have an interest, but no takers. Well, I am finally giving in and I have created our very first podcast, called Plane Talking with Mom. So what makes this podcast different?

#1 I talk about airplanes with my mom — 100% exclusive. No one else has my mom talking about planes.

#2 I am not editing crap (and you can tell). You get everything. All the ’œums’ and ’œuhs,’ the mess ups.

#3 My mom doesn’t even like airplanes. So many podcasts have experts or at least people who are interested in talking about the topic. Booooooring. Hear directly from a person who might care the least, and doesn’t even like to fly.

Some reviews are already in…

“It was interesting… at least you and your mom had a nice time” – My Wife

“(It’s) purrr (fect)” – My Cat (aka #A380cat)

“What… I… listened to is… the… nice… podcast… will… listen… again” – My Friend Nick

“The combination of airplanes, birds, and moms is a real winner. A++” – David P Brown

Give it a listen… it is the best podcast we have ever done!!! Oh yea, it is not actually up at any of the places you normally listen to podcasts, so you just have to listen to it via our site.

So… what do you think (remember my mom will be reading the comments too)? But before you make any comment, make sure you listen to the end…

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & FOUNDER - SEATTLE, WA. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Email me:
Learning to Fly: One-Year Anniversary
jordan Lapin

That was great!! Loved the MOM interview (especially the part where she said that she liked to fly Alaska— that couldn’t have been part of an April fools joke.

Keep up the great work.
-Big J

Hey Jordan, our convo was 100% legit… the only fools part was the concept of actually doing a podcast with my mom longer term 🙂 Before asking, I knew her favorite airline was going to be Alaska, but I was shocked when PanAm came up on the dis-like list :). So, I learned a few new things.


Todd Gleb

Priceless – keep them coming!

Hi Todd,

I think we might have run out of airplane stuff to talk about. But maybe I can talk to other people’s mothers about planes 🙂


Walt Whitman

As good as Wait, Wait, Don”t Tell Me!at least their first attempt at doing a radio show. You have an incredibly pyrotechnic future in this mediumbup bup and away! And mom”s got a future as bright as the Del Rubio Sisters” renaissancewhich makes DPB Pee Wee Herman.

Hello Mr. Whitman from Minnesota [I know all :)]! I think this probably says a lot about my level of culture, but I had to Google what Del Rubio Sisters’ was, but I already knew about Pee Wee (and in my defense, I also knew Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!). I think my mom needs to start a bird podcast for Audubon, and I can be her guest :)!


Henry H.

David, this is priceless. Your Mom is fantastic (you are lucky, my Mom wouldn’t let me get away with the trick question about the engines). And anyone who always gets seat 1A has my respect.

Hello Henry H! Although there was no script and we talked very little about what was going to happen, I did have to write the part about the engines down. One thing missing from the podcast was the fact she has been schooling me on birds my whole life. As a kid I hated it, now I have my own love for them. So the engine part was a little pay back and she knew it :).


Dan Dorman

Fun Listen, and was especially nice to hear that your mom is an Alaska Airlines fan!

Sholto Douglas

Thanks David for sharing. Your talk of early flights takes me back to my first commercial flight on a British European Airways Vickers Vanguard 951 from Manchester UK to London Heathrow followed by an Alitalia Sud-Est 210 Caravelle to Milan Linate and finally an Alitalia DC-6B to Rimini. Great for a boy of around 10 years old.

Get your Dad to join you next episode!!

Hey Dave,

Well, that would probably be a mini-series vs one episode! Although I have a really cool story idea involving my dad and grandfather, with long histories of aviation. I just have to wait for this darn coronavirus to be over!


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