Entrance to the Airport Lounge at Hamburg Airport.

Entrance to the Airport Lounge at Hamburg Airport

I’ve been through many lounges, and a big ’œred flag’ for me is whether I’m about to step foot into a contracted lounge instead of one run by an airline itself. Being a oneworld alliance guy at a non-hub outstation like Hamburg, it could have been like being stranded in a desert, parched and wanting of nourishment. On top of that, I was flying Air Berlin, which isn’t usually among the first three or four airlines one thinks of in terms of quality oneworld lounging. Was I going to have to kill some time [like a savage – too much snark?] or [perusing duty-free items] in the main terminal area, or would I be pleasantly surprised…

"Exclusive Waiting Area" for Air Berlin and Etihad Partners elites at Duesseldorf Airport.

“Exclusive Waiting Area” for Air Berlin and Etihad Partners elites at Dusseldorf Airport

While Lufthansa and Emirates have lounges for their customers, HAM operates its own premium lounge, which contracts with most of the other carriers across alliances, as well as being the lounge for a few membership services. I was granted entry by virtue of flying Air Berlin, a oneworld member, as a mid-tier Platinum flyer with American Airlines, the equivalent to oneworld Sapphire status. It’s worth noting that Air Berlin also maintains an ’œExclusive Waiting Area’ for its own elites and that of Etihad Airways Partners. Though admission is more restrictive, the area itself is really just a glorified waiting room with some beverages and reading material.

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Simply called the Airport Lounge, HAM’s lounge space is located on the upper level in the central Airport Plaza, and is open from 5:15 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. everyday. Check-in was relatively easy, with the agents having reference charts to determine access eligibility for all the airlines. Though third-party contract lounges are many times excluded from access based on alliance status, I had no problems entering, neither did the British Airways passengers ahead of me also entering on their American status.

Signage outside the entrance to the Hamburg Airport Lounge.

Signage outside the entrance to the Hamburg Airport Lounge

The Airport Lounge has an ’œopen-air’ terrace design that puts you right up near the rafters of the high terminal ceiling. Plenty of seating throughout the space, which was adeptly sectioned by strategically-placed dividers and furnishings, so that you did not feel like you were in one big room. The lighting was muted which created a more relaxed ambiance, definitely appreciated for my early morning departure. As the lounge was for all sorts of passengers of many different airlines, there were definitely some interesting ’œcultural clashes’ but the lounge was large enough so that everyone could spread out into their own semi-private areas. One of my ’œmust-haves’ for a proper lounge is dedicated restroom facilities, and HAM delivers, along with two showers available for patrons.

A very decent continental breakfast spread was available early in the morning. Various breakfast pastries, breads, cold-cuts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and cereals were available, along with an automatic espresso machine, juices, and soda fountain. Also, the beer was free-flowing for those waiting to partake.

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The star of the show, however, was the automatic soup machine (disclosure: this author has a great affinity for soup). Place a bowl under the dispenser, push the button for your selection (cream of mushroom, cream of asparagus, and tomato bisque were the options that morning), and a hot, steaming bowl of soup was ready in just a few seconds.

The amazing automatic soup machine in the Hamburg Airport Lounge.

The amazing automatic soup machine in the Hamburg Airport Lounge

Now, the soup very likely was just powder mixed with hot water, and it wasn’t amazing, but still was good, tasting like a soup served in any given airport lounge. The soup was 3.5 out of 5 stars, but the novelty factor was at a full 5 stars. I had two bowls (for science, of course), and the mushroom soup was the winner over asparagus.

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Breakfast in the Hamburg Airport Lounge.

Breakfast in the Hamburg Airport Lounge

With so many different airline departures, flight announcements were not made over the PA system, which I appreciated, since there was already a little bit of ambient noise coming from the terminal area below. On the flip side of the coin, you do have to be aware of your own departure time; there are flight info screens throughout the lounge to check the status of your flight.

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Overall, I was impressed with how Hamburg Airport executed its lounge and made my travels that day so much more pleasant, especially because a change in plans had me leaving nine hours earlier than originally planned. So many airports and contractors manage to ruin their lounges, and HAM was able to pull off an impressive space that’s on par to what’s offered at airlines’ home hubs’¦ a solid enhancement to the passenger experience quotient. 

It could have been much worse…

"VIP lounge" at Da Nang Airport. Photo: John Nguyen | AirlineReporter

“VIP lounge” at Da Nang Airport – Photo: John Nguyen | AirlineReporter

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JL Johnson

You had me at soup machine, John!

Ya think my A-List card would get me in? Yeah, prob not…. Hahaha


Ditto. I would not stop at 2 bowls for sure.

I might or might not have had 2.5 bowls…

John | AirlineReporter

Nice to see a review on my home airport.

HAM is a nice little airport, and those in charge are very motivated to become the best they can. Stay tune, more HAM stories are to come!

John | AirlineReporter


Try it in mid-Summer. The place is like an oven. I’ve used this lounge a couple of times when flying BA business class and it’s pretty unimpressive. Put in perspective for £14.99 I can use a better lounge at Heathrow T3.

So interesting to get this insight into my home airport’s lounge, because I won’t get into that area soon. The soup-machine is super fancy! Really liked your style of writing and the sense of humour you’ve put into it.

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