Frontier Airline’s new livery seen out in the open in Denver ’“ Photo: Billy Ellion | @PHXSpotters1

Frontier Airline’s new livery seen out in the open in Denver ’“ Photo: Billy Ellion | @PHXSpotters1

Here it is — in the flesh. This is the new Frontier Airline’s livery seen outside of a hangar at Phoenix Goodyear Airport (GYR). It looks almost exactly as the leaked image of the livery — which is not too bad.

On Tuesday, Frontier Airlines will have an official unveiling of the new livery and we are excited to see it in person.

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Gordon Werner

sorry, I’m confused. why would you think that an ad for frontier featuring the new color scheme would not match the real thing?

You believe everything you see on the internet? 🙂

I am still not 100% convinced of the new F9 and WN livery until it is official!


Gordon Werner

it was a banner ad accidentally published by CVG airport early … (on their account) … think that makes it pretty legit


Yup — that is why I ran with it :). I hate running stuff and end up being wrong. It is nice to see that yes, Frontier does have this new design and this is what it will look like!

Now to see the hi-res photos on Tues!


That livery would look a LOT better on a 737. Just sayin’

What drives people to spoil surprises like this, I wonder – is it so awful to wait a couple of days?

I see that at least one of the big newspapers picked it up (USA Today), but, happily, had the grace not use the graphic or photos.

It is the way the world works. Just with new cars or the new iPhone, people are looking to get a sneak peak before it is official.

It is hard for Frontier to think no one would get any photos when the airplane was out in the open like this. It will still be a good event tomorrow and being able to see the livery in high-res photos.


So awesome to see the combination of three well liked elements in the new livery!

1) An arrow from the original bow and arrow Frontier Logo in the 1950’s
2) The Saul Bass “F” from Frontier’s heyday in the late 1970s
3) The animal tails that people love

Some very good PR people combined all of the elements in a new image for the airline. Can’t wait to the new rollout. I’m sure it will look great!

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