Recently, American Airlines said goodbye to their last Boeing 767-200 (kind of). What better way to say farewell than with a video by SpeedbirdHD?

Well, technically, American still has a few, since US Airways is operating eight Boeing 767-200ERs right now. However, it is highly unlikely we will see them in the new livery, as they are to be all retired in 2015.

The last of the 767-200s were replaced by the Airbus A321T used for premium transcon flights, which is a pretty nice upgrade.

No matter, the video is a nice tribute to the aircraft, which served American well.

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767 is good-looking, though surpassed by 787.

Michael Restivo

I was very glad i chose to fly one last time on this iconic plane for American on May 7th. In true avgeek fashion I flew LAX-JFK-LAX on a day trip. Flew the last westbound and unfortunately no celebration. However, this avgeek made his own celebration by chatting with the pilots and flight attendants. Here is to American 767-200 on a job well done. If only American had kept up with upgrading the cabins over the years.

Nice video from Speed Bird. I have countless pleasant butt-in-seat hours on the 767, but she is just not a good player anymore. The model will live on in freighter service and heck, Boeing is STILL building the basic frame as the USAF’s KC-46. IMO, the pay haulers have bet heavily on the new, more efficient generation and most quit upgrading their 767 fleets several years ago. (Lots of parts for the freighters and the KC-46 tankers?) In the end, the airplane is simply too heavy.


I will miss that paint scheme when it’s gone.


Yea, the 767-200s are being retired, but the 767-300s will be in service for the foreseeable future.

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