All the different A330 liveries of JFK - Photo: Jason Rabinowitz

All the different A330 liveries of JFK – Photos: Jason Rabinowitz

The Airbus A330 is not typically known for being a beautiful aircraft. It is, however, a workhorse; one that flies thousands of people per day around the world safely and (most of the time) comfortably.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in airline liveries. You might tell from our Airline Livery of the Week and Ultimate Livery Challenges. I was always fascinated by how you can have the exact same aircraft look so different because of the paint on the outside. In one design, the plane might look amazing, but in another, a bit horrid.

To help celebrate the diversity of airline liveries, I wanted to share the above combination of photos showing all of the different liveries that show up at John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Contributor Jason Rabinowitz lives close to the airport and is able to take these shots.

But this begs the question: which ones do you like the most and the least? (be sure to click on the image to see a larger version)

Personally, I have always been a fan of the Aeroflot livery, and have felt that it might be time for Alitalia to update their livery.

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I like the XL livery. Very cool. I’ve never heard of XL Airlines. Where do they fly?

Jason Rabinowitz

XL Airways France is a french seasonal operation. This route is CDG-JFK.

I think the Swiss looks so clean and neat!


The new Iberia livery is simple but powerful.


I juste love the Swiss and the Finnair livery. They are clean and very classy! Love it!

Love the Hawaiian, despise the Air Europa one!

Great Job David,

First: Sorry for my limited english, but I just have to write a few words.

A great idea, the color schemes of the different airlines at a particular plane – compare here the A330.

I see it as you do, the A330 is not a classic beauty. Her hull looks a bit chubby , despite or because of her elegant wings. It hangs slightly forward when it is on the ground, and it is, and operates as it is – just typically . Yes it is a work horse, but a faithful and very good one. Or, as the airlines like to say ”efficient” .

The engines have a significant proportion, if I like a machine or not for me. For example, I find the B773 with RR engines less beautiful than the B773ER with GE90. When A330 is reversed with me, because I find the Trent700 engines the most beautiful on this Airbus.

But back to your Livery-Comparison of Airlines:

By far the worst is Air Europa coloring – She looks like a leased white-tail, which was poorly marked with the airline logo without love for design or details.

Through timeless elegance bribe : Lufthansa , Air France, Swiss and partly Allitalia.

Avianca , Aer Lingus and Aerolineas Argentinas are now rare tropical birds who stand boldly against the white, unity trend. These are for me next Hawaiian with the most beautiful in the A330 comparison.

Best Regards from Germany


I agree with everyone about the Air Europa livery. I could have come up with a better livery than that. The current US Airways livery is also a classic in my opinion. Unfortunately it will soon be replaced by the uninspiring AA rebranding.

1) Aeroflot (the newer livery is light years ahead of the old!)
2) Virgin (looks good on the long 330)
3) Air France/Lufthansa (tie, I like many of the classic EU liveries.)
I also agree with the author on AlItalia, but they have bigger problems than livery age right now!)

James Burke

Fave: Avianca (I love the tail)
worst: Air Europa

…not a beautiful a/c….you must be kidding!!!!

John Rigby

I don’t think Hainan Airlines fly A330’s into JFK. Their livery is something else..

antti koivisto

A330 is not considered a beautiful plane?! By whom?you?
Well if you ask me it’s one of the most beautiful planes today!
Boeing hasn’t have anything since B727-200 and B757-200 that
compares in beauty with the A330.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Personally I find the A330 just be a plain looking aircraft. But I could see where someone sees the beauty in it.


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