How well did you do?

How well did you do?

Another great version of Ultimate Livery challenge. I received quite a few responses and some frustrated comments. Well, here are the answers:

#1: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800
#2: American Airlines DC-3
#3: Great Wall Airlines Boeing 747-400F by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren
#4: Maylasia Airlines Airbus A380
#5: AeroSvit Airlines E-Jet
#6: Rwandair Boeing 737-800
#7: Kuwait Airways Airbus A300
#8: Shenzhen Airlines Boeing 737-800 by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

Those who got all of the planes and liveries correct:
* David Lilienthal
* Goron Werner
* Antonio Tantalo
* Keith Goodman 

Folks that missed only one aspect:
* Felix Estgen
* Manav Bhogal
* Andrew Arpagian
* Donald De Rosa
* Nick Bartolotta
* Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren (although two of the photos were his)

I think this one was probably a bit challenging. It seems that #3 (Great Wall Airlines) was the most difficult for people. Many also did not get #5 (guessing Gulf Air, which makes sense). #6 was another difficult one with many of you guessing Transaero for #6. Again, very close, but the lines are a bit different. Until next time…


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I got the Great Wall 744F (we used to get them in Manchester), it was the AeroSvit Embraer that stumped me… DOH!

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