El Al's newly refreshed first class onboard the 747-400. Photo- El Al Israel Airlines

El Al’s newly refreshed first class, onboard the 747-400 – Photo: El Al Israel Airlines

On March 14, 2014, El Al Israel Airlines unveiled new First and Business Class cabins as part of their strategy to enrich the passenger experience and make the product more competitive.

El Al's new first product in its unreclined position. Photo - El Al Israel Airlines

El Al’s new first product in its unreclined position – Photo: El Al Israel Airlines

In First, the seats will now feature Tempur-material mattresses as well as an “aloe vera” inspired covering. The seats, of course, are fully lie-flat (as they always have been) and remain in a 2-2 configuration.

The New El Al Business Class product on the top Deck of a 747-400. Photo- El Al Israel Airlines

The New El Al Business Class product on the top deck of a 747-400 – Photo: El Al Israel Airlines

Business Class has seen a larger upgrade, with lie-flat seats, increased pitch, and additional seat supports. There will now only be 47 business class seats on an El Al 747-400.

Finally, a full flat product on El Al! Photo - El Al Israel Airlines

Finally, a lie-flat product in El Al’s business class! Photo: El Al Israel Airlines

Both cabins will now feature in-seat power and enhanced meal and service options.

There is no word yet on whether or not this upgrade will come to El Al’s 777 fleet.

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Fred Ch

When you say “Tempur-material”, do you mean memory foam (the generic name), or Tempur-Pedic branded? Just curious…

I want to say it’s the brand. There was a fair degree of ambiguity in the actual press release, even down to the NASA part. So we can assume it might be branded, but I didn’t want to go out on a limb and make a statement I cannot verify.

Yup, it’s that memory foam you see in the ads (“viscoelastic” polyurethane foam).

Jake klaris

When will these “new” planes start to be used?

No Fly Zone

Ahh… Is this a review of a new product, a sponsored post – just plain advertising – or what? I cannot find a single word of opinion or experience by Bernie. Perhaps I’m missing something, but other than pure advertising, I guess I do not understand the purpose of this blog post. I do not want to believe that AR has stooped quite that far, but… Why waste the space when you can link to and El Al page that says virtually the same thing. How much did El Al pay?

We were paid nothing. Just another story talking about a new product.


There revised cabins look equitable to Japan Airlines Cabins Circa ~2002, and look like absolute c…p, how do they expect to compete with neighboring carriers(Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, etc) this product is vastly inferior to even US airlines that fly to Tel-Aviv from New York…

chaim Uri leifer

Its arealy flight

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