A Blue1 Boeing 717 in Manchester - Photo: Ken Fielding

A Blue1 Boeing 717 in Manchester – Photo: Ken Fielding

Blue1 is based in Copenhagen and is owned by the SAS Group. Their fleet of nine Boeing 717s fly to destinations around Europe, but mostly within Finland.

BONUS: Video of Blue1 Boeing 717

They offer wet leases for other airlines, tour operators, and a variety of other long/short-term deals.

Blue1 also offers a pretty slick looking livery. It starts with a blue tail and swirls and gradients itself into lighter blue and purple hues before becoming white in the front. It goes against the boring European white liveries that have become more popular, and is quite a bit more exciting than its parent’s much more boring livery.

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Actually Blue1 left Star Alliance in 2012…


Another interesting fact to this is that the shades of blue and purple differ from plane to plane if I am not mistaken…


At least it’s not all white!

Erik Geicke

On another note, its not from Denmark, but Finland.

Andrew Nielsen

@Erik Geicke They are based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They moved their hub from HEL to CPH in 2012 at the same time all KF flights will use a SK flight number. They operate a lot of flights out of CPH to places like MAN, DUB, GVA, ZRH, TXL, BHX, CDG, DUS, FRA, MUC, HEL, ARN, GOT and in the summer they also flies domesticly in Denmark (from CPH to AAR and AAL) on behalf of SK. They also flies from OSL and ARN to other european cities and domesticly

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