It is likely that if you read our site, you will find this Air Tahiti Nui Airbus A340 video quite amusing.

The airline is based at Faa’a International Airport in Tahiti, which the area offers some pretty darn amazing views. Air Tahiti operates a fleet of five Airbus A340-300 aircraft in a unique and fun livery.

The video was made by Matthieu Courtous using different clips of videos to celebrate the airline’s 15th anniversary. Do not worry, permission was given from the airline and the owners of the other videos to make this amazing short film.

The video shows some great exterior views of the plane and of the flight deck, but the passenger cabin is pretty slick as well. Be sure to check out this tour of the colorful interior an Air Tahiti A340 by our friends over at

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Blaine Nickeson

Just nice to see someone who loves their A340…

that was phenomenal

Craig Markowski

Maybe Air Tahiti Nui can now focus on processing my several thousand dollars of refunds promised to me to correct past ticketing problems.

I love the vortex at the end of the clip passing through the cloud

I would love to fly TN some time. They fly to my home airport of AKL, so it’s certainly something I plan to do in the future. They’re known for pretty good on-board service. This was a wonderful video.

Recently flew on one of these from ALK to Tahiti & back – likely my last chance to fly on an A340 & it was awesome. Great video, especially the cloud vortex at the end.

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