An Alaska Airlines aviator bear. Photo: Alaska Airlines

An Alaska Airlines aviator bear – Photo: Alaska Airlines

With only a week remaining until Christmas, are you one of the millions still searching for gifts at the last minute?  Or is family pestering you for gift ideas?  Or do you not care it is Christmas and still want to get some cool airline-related swag?

Why not grab the perfect AvGeek present for that special someone in your life?  All of the major carriers and aircraft manufacturers have online stores where you can shop to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget that you can also shop for yourself!  The Staff also welcomes AvGeek gifts of any kind.

A classic Delta Air Lines DC-3 model. Image: DeltaA classic Delta Air Lines DC-3 model. Image: Delta

A classic Delta Air Lines DC-3 model – Image: Delta


Who wouldn't want an Airbus Beluga or A350XWB model? Photos: Airbus

Who wouldn’t want an Airbus Beluga or A350XWB model? Photos: Airbus


If you want to go super #AvGeek, you can also get yourself some stickers!

Thanks to Drew Vane for story the suggestion!

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Super Sweet Air Tahiti Airbus A340 Flight Video

There is also the Delta Shop for the more modern Delta memorabilia.

Blaine Nickeson

Thanks @Daniel – we’ll get it updated!

why can no one ever seem to install the horizontal stabilizer correctly…the A350 model has it up side down giving it negative dyhedral(sp?)…see that all the time in article of aviation people who are clueless.

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