Oh what a great holiday gift! This video shows the pilot’s perspective of moving Christmas trees quickly in Oregon to be sold for the holidays. This pilot is flying a Bell 206B-3 JetRanger helicopter and the video was taken in 2011.

You can also check out another video, filmed in 2008, that shows the process from the ground.

According to The (Vancouver, Washington) Colombian, Oregon is the nation’s largest grower and exporter of Christmas trees. The state sells nearly seven million trees per year, which is a $100 million-plus industry in the state.

Obviously, the tree farms need to move all those trees quickly from where they are grown to the trucks, and what better way to move them than using a helicopter? (well, there surely isn’t a more fun way)

So, next time you buy a tree, make sure to ask for one that was transported using a helicopter!

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No Fly Zone

Thanks for the fun clips. I’ve seen both before, but only because I live in the very center of this industry. Those pilots may look like joy riders at times, ,but I can assure you that they are not. They are extremely well monitored by both their employers and the FAA. Every hour’s time is properly planned and executed. Their biggest threat is power lines and those folks DAMN sure know where they are. While accidents have happened, the very few tend toward major mechanical failure, not pilot error. Any call about whether they were pushing their machine too hard is beyond my (pleasantly retired, growing trees) pay grade. Let’s also remember that this region’s weather does not allow these folks to fly every day. They often have to fly under special exemptions for agricultural purposes and they often do not like doing so. Cloud cover changes and winds are whatever you find. An easy, thrilling fun job: NO! For those who thoroughly understand what they are doing, the money is very good. They are damn sure not hot-dog pilots!

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