Image from Airbus

The A380, A350 and A330 fly in formation. Image from Airbus

Yea. We are going to have to say that these photos are pretty darn rad. They show the Airbus A350, A380 and A330 test aircraft flying in formation after taking off from Toulouse earlier in the day. Do we even need to write any more words? Oh right. Make sure you check out the second photo…

Image from Airbus

Changing things up, they try the “V.” Image from Airbus

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airbus still offering a330?…..what is the point…you have a newer, similar size a350-800….

Well, people are still buying them. Delta ordered a few just a couple of weeks ago. If people still want to buy them, why would Airbus stop offering them.
The A350-800 is still quite far away by the way, the current prototype is the A350-900 and I think that once that is in service the next plane they move on to will be the -1000.

If you prefer your photos moving (i.e. videos) you can check out the Airbus youtube channel:

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