Bombardier CSeries FTV1 is rolling!

Bombardier CS100 FTV1 is rolling!
Photo: Bombardier

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced today that CSeries Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) has started slow-speed taxi tests at Mirabel Airport.

’œWe checked off yet another great series of accomplishments on the first CSeries aircraft. It was thrilling to see FTV1 move under its own power on the tarmac during the low-speed taxi runs this week,” said Robert Dewar, Vice President and General Manager, CSeries Program.  He added, “I’m also pleased to share that FTV1 completed the high-powered engine runs while the aircraft was stationary. When full thrust was applied, we were able to run full vibration checks ’“ but most telling, the flight test team was extremely impressed with how quiet the engines were at full power.’

In addition to other final tests, FTV1 will soon head into the paint shop for a new “look”.  FTV1’s first flight is still scheduled to take place “in the coming weeks.”

Click HERE to read Bombardier’s press release, and HERE to watch a video of the taxi tests.

Stay tuned!

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Very nice.


She’s a cutie. And having just had my first flights on an E-190 last week, that is a great size of plane, too. Perhaps Bombardier can start a trade-in program for all of the CRJ’s out there… 😉


Nice 🙂 looking forward to first flight!

I really hope that Bombardier will put a successful aircraft in the air with this pretty c series. And I hope that they will take a sizable chunk of business from the monopoly of Boeing and Airbus.

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