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Bombardier CSeries FTV1 is rolling!

Bombardier CS100 FTV1 is rolling!
Photo: Bombardier

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced today that CSeries Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV1) has started slow-speed taxi tests at Mirabel Airport.

’œWe checked off yet another great series of accomplishments on the first CSeries aircraft. It was thrilling to see FTV1 move under its own power on the tarmac during the low-speed taxi runs this week,” said Robert Dewar, Vice President and General Manager, CSeries Program.  He added, “I’m also pleased to share that FTV1 completed the high-powered engine runs while the aircraft was stationary. When full thrust was applied, we were able to run full vibration checks ’“ but most telling, the flight test team was extremely impressed with how quiet the engines were at full power.’

In addition to other final tests, FTV1 will soon head into the paint shop for a new “look”.  FTV1’s first flight is still scheduled to take place “in the coming weeks.”

Click HERE to read Bombardier’s press release, and HERE to watch a video of the taxi tests.

Stay tuned!

Boeing 747-8 #1 out on the taxi way at Paine Field at 1:15pm today

Boeing 747-8 #1 out on the taxi way at Paine Field at 1:15pm today

Very shortly I am off to the Future of Flight to watch the Boeing 747-8 complete its taxi testing. This test is a great sign that the 747-8 is on her way to make her first flight on Monday. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner completed similar taxi testing just days before her first flight.

I will be updating this post with pictures and video as I collect them this morning. Also be sure to follow #7478TT on Twitter since there will be quite a few Twitter followers covering this event.

UPDATE 10:10am: Boeing 747-8 is still sitting still, no strobes, no engine start up yet.

UPDATE 10:45am: Strobes came on for a few minutes, then back off. Been entertained with two Boeing 777’s land, and now a Boeing 757 taking off. Updated my photos.

Boeing 747-8 engine smoke from the start up, partly blocked by a new Boeing 777

Boeing 747-8 engine smoke from the start up, partly blocked by a new Boeing 777

UPDATE 11:30am: Still nothing new. Strobes are still off, stairs are still at the doors. No word on what is causing the delay yet.

UPDATE 11:45am: Word is estimating engine start at around noon for the Boeing 747-8

UPDATE 12:30pm: Reports that the door is closed and stairs pulled away. Still no strobes or engine start yet.

UPDATE 1:00pm: The Boeing 747-8 has been pulled back and engines 3 & 4 have been started.

UPDATE 1:15pm: She is out on the taxi way now. Uploaded a bunch more pics of her coming out to the taxi way on my flickr (I haven’t edited or checked them, just putting them up for now)

UPDATE 2:00pm: Taxi tests so far going great. Added 23 more photos.

UPDATE 4:00pm: During the last high speed test, it appeared the plane pulled to the right. Possible brake lock-up? After that it taxied back to its parking spot. Working on getting video up.

CHECK OUT MY PICTURES ON FLICKR (will be updating through out the morning)

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The Seattle PI got these pics of the Boeing 787 testing ZA001 testing its brakes.

The Seattle PI got these pics of the Boeing 787 testing ZA001 testing its brakes.

Today comes the next big step in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner first flight. Unfortunately I am not able to make it up to Paine Field to watch the tests, but there is a great group of aviation enthusiasts who are, including the Flight Blogger. I will be posting updates as the tests go on and a few links you can follow.

* Flight Blogger who will have live streaming
* Follow Twitter #787TT to get updates on what is going on

Wish them all warm thoughts, since it is about 25deg in SEA right now.

UPDATE 8:21am: Watch Flight Blogger’s live video stream.

UPDATE 9:38am: The taxi testing is going well. Using reverse thrusters. Aubrey at the Seattle PI has some great shots of the tests.

UPDATE Noon: More pictures added to the Seattle PI. The tests are going well! It is so wonderful to see the 787 moving in the positive direction.

UPDATE 12:13pm: The Seattle PI is posting some professional pictures taken of the Dreamliner and Dreamlifter. There are some AMAZING shots. Flightblogger reports that ZA001 has gotten up to 135kts so far today.

UPDATE 12:49pm: The nose wheel of the B787 left the ground in the latest taxi test.

UPDATE 12:52: I am free from other obligations and the 787 tests are still going on. I am heading north to Paine Field and hopefully will catch some of the action. Should be there in about 30min or so. Not going to lie, I am beyond excited.

UPDATE 1:32: Seeing this plane move is AMAZING. Looks like they are about to do another run. What a gorgeous plane!

UPDATE 1:50: ZA001 just lifted its nose wheel off the ground heading northbound, which made for some amazing photos.

UPDATE 2:00: Looks like the tests are completed. I missed most of the day, but I caught the best part. Will be heading back home soon and get some of my pictures and video up.

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