I have been quite impressed with the videos that SpeedBirdHD is able to produce from the ground, but why stop there? They recently were able to get up on a Robinson R44 and take video from above and it provides a unique viewing experience. Enjoy!

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That is very cool. What a great vantage point they had. Videos like this are awesome because they help people that don’t fly be able to get a little more perspective of what it is like in the air.

Great job, SpeedBird, but now, you’ll have to quench our thirst with additional videos like this.

Pago Flyer

A neat video, thanx.

John O

Amazing video! I love the shot of the AF A380 coming in for a landing.

Whoa, HD on the full screen gave me a bit of vertigo. But this is awesome Thanks for sharing!

I could tell it was filmed from a Robinson before I even read it. The chopper noise gets a bit annoying after the first minute or two. Maybe they could edit that out & put some awesome soundtrack on the video! Great shots nonetheless, great seeing these awesome birds rise into the air & glide in to land.

Very cool … never have seen airplanes from this perspective before.

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