A great video by SpeedbirdHD of the cockpit and take off of L/N 55; a United Boeing 787. It was at LAX for some quick work before being ferried back to George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

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Happy New Year — A Look Back at 2012

Nice to still see the sheepskin.

The attached video is not of the 787, but a compilation of different airlines/aircraft labeled A year in review 2012 at LAX.

The correct address for the 787 flight deck video bu SpeedbirdHD is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0pYBm2DVuU

Also, if you didn’t already see it, be sure to look at Boeing’s new “DreamPass” where you can pan around the flight deck during a flight operated by Boeing test pilots, then pan around close up views of the exterior! Very cool to see!

I am not sure what happened with the YouTube embed code (this happened before), but seems to be fixed now. Thanks for sharing the DreamPass as well.


S. Beattie

Great video overall! It really shows how great the 787 really is as an airplane. The whole layout of it just makes it look like a great airplane to fly. The sound of the GEnx engines is a great sound when it takes off. Also, thanks jmx53 for sharing the ”Dream pass”, it was very sweet to pan around and see what it”s like to be flying that airplane.

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