Allegiant's first Airbus A319 (HB-JZK) after being painted to their livery. Image from Allegiant.

Allegiant’s first Airbus A319 (HB-JZK / N301NV) after being painted to their livery. Image from Allegiant.

Earlier this year, Allegiant Air announced that they would be adding 19 Airbus A319s into their fleet. The one seen in this story was recently painted in United Kingdom Southend (SEN) and previously wore EasyJet colors. It currently shows registration number HB-JZK, but when put into service, this aircraft will most likely be wearing N301NV.

Their first A319 is scheduled to be delivered Q1 2013 and in operations Q2 2013. After it is delivered, the aircraft will be used for crew training.


Allegiant is configuring their A319’s in a high-density, 156 economy seat layout. The double exit doors over the wing shows that this aircraft is able to handle the 156 configuration (most A319’s with a single exit hold 134 seats).

One thing you might notice in all the photos is it doesn’t include the nose cone. I expect that is because the aircraft does not currently have a nose cone as seen on I am quite confident that it will have one soon.

I have to say that I love Allegiant’s livery. I think it looks best on the Boeing 757 and it is a bit squashed on the A319, but still looks slick.

Thanks Ken for the heads up!

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I think it’s a great colour scheme too. When Allegiant’s B757 deliveries were delayed, they sub-leased two to British ‘low-cost’ airline ‘Jet2’. Jet2’s management liked the c/scheme so much that they modified it for their own use to push their ‘Jet2 Holidays’ brand. Then they used it on some of their B737-300’s and B737-800’s too

Theres a shot of one of the B757’s here and a B737-800 here

It looks good, its just I am not used to seeing this scheme not on a T-Tail… Neat pic of the Jet2 738 in the quasi-Allegiant livery. I’m guessing Jet2 and Allegiant have a pretty good working rel’p…

Just as a footnote to my above comment, the B757/W in the photo, G-LSAL, was re-registered October 25th as N904NV to Sunrise Asset Management LLC/Allegiant Air and ferried from Jet2’s base at Leeds-Bradford UK (LBA) via Bangor (BGR) to Jacksonville-Cecil Field (VQQ) for mods and cabin reconfig prior to service entry with Allegiant.

I too still very much associate this paint scheme with MD-80s and it just looks a bit odd without a T-tail. Especially on 319 where it seems just a tad too dense. Let’s hope they won’t be getting 318s anytime soon 😉

Bill Everson

I ‘m shocked but glad to see Allegiant is getting some A319’s to there fleet. I hope TRI will get the aircraft to Punta Gorda And Las Vegas and more flights to Orlando -Sanford and Tampa Bay.

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