To be honest, when I received an email saying a frustrated passenger made a music video to let off some steam after an airline lost his bag, I was very close to deleting it. First off, this concept as been done and secondly — well — sometimes bags get lost and it is by no means is it a good thing, but surely not something to write a story on.

However, I am glad I took the time to click on the link and watch the video. Turns out the bag lost held quite a bit of video equipment worth good money. This meant that the passenger was out his stuff, but he still had the skills to make this classy music video.

Hopefully someday his bag will show up, but until then, enjoy the music.

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Great video, and I hope he gets his bag back. Been there, done that.

Well done video, thanks. These days, if it is not the contracted baggage folks who “Clean and Gleen,” it is the TSA inspectors. For valuable gear beyond carry-on size, we should consider pre-shipping via UPS/FedEx and pay the excess value fees when appropriate. I hardly trust the Part 121 carrier to get ME there and baggage is of far less importance to them. “If you cannot walk or drive, consider skipping the trip.”

This is a good way to make people aware of the situation, but the messed up thing is he will most likely recover his bag.

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