EVERETT, Wash., March 2, 2012 ’“ Boeing [NYSE: BA] and more than 5,000 employees, suppliers, customers and government officials celebrated the 1,000th 777 at a special event today. The 1,000th 777 jetliner will be delivered to Dubai-based Emirates later this month.

EVERETT, Wash., March 2, 2012 ’“ Boeing and more than 5,000 employees, suppliers, customers and government officials celebrated the 1,000th 777 (A6-EGO) at a special event. Click for larger. Photo by Boeing.

Yesterday, Boeing celebrated building the 1000th 777 airliner, a 777-300ER registered A6-EGO, which is set to be delivered to Emirates Airlines later in the month. The celebration took place in the Boeing Factory and the 1000th aircraft was revealed to have a special “1000th” livery.

“As the largest 777 customer, it’s very appropriate that Emirates is the recipient of our milestone 1,000th 777,” said Jim Albaugh, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “Emirates has set an industry high bar in providing excellent customer service and we’re honored that the 777 is central to its efforts to be a global airline leader.”

Emirates is the world’s largest operator of 777 aircraft, with 102 already in its fleet and another 93 on order.

Almost a year ago Boeing celebrated building the 1000th 767, which was first produced in 1982 and took almost 30 years to reach the 1000 mark. It has taken the Boeing 777 less than 20 years to reach the same accomplishment. “The 777 program reached this milestone faster than any other twin-aisle airplane because of the 777’s proven performance, exceptional value, continuous innovation and progressive environmental performance,” said Larry Loftis, who until recently was vice president and general manager of the 777 program.

To date, Boeing has recorded orders for 1,361 777s to 64 customers around the globe.

In my experience, I think I have heard someone say, “I prefer not to fly on that aircraft,” about every type of airliner except the Boeing 777. She is an unassuming workhorse that has never caused any fatalities to any passenger or crew since her first flight on June 12, 1994. Huge cheers to Boeing and those who have helped to make all 1000 of these planes.

Here are additional photos of the event from the Seattle PI and from Randy Tinseth’s Boeing Blog. Also check out these 777 videos from Boeing

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Richard D

I was wondering if Lufthansa will be ordering any B777’s? As they currently have no B777’s on order or in operation.

The Boeing Triple 7 as the pinnacle of a aviation in the 20th century. It was extremely well designed, safe, efficient, with long reaching legs; god only knows what wonders the 21st century will hold.

Wow,excellent news,1000th Boeing 777 in service.
I was one of the Quality Engineers,involved in introducing AQS System within
Smiths Aerospace,and to subcontractors.
Latter part,became a Quality Engineer with the Boeing Stamp to release the Fuel Gauging System and the Fuel Computer to Boeing 777 Aircraft.
Highlights in my career
a)Attended the Boeing 777 rollout on 9th April 1994
b)Flew in the very first United Airlines Boeing 777, on company business to
c)Flew,with Emirates Boeing 777,Heathrow to Dubai,then via Singapore to
Brisbane-Australia,An excellent flying experience
d)Released two Boeing 777 Fuel Computers valued at £300,000, to Emirates.
Boeing 777, will keep the Globel Aviation alive for a very long time.

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