A Curtiss C-46 Commando that crashed in  Churchill, Manitoba in 1979.

A Curtiss C-46 Commando that crashed in Churchill, Manitoba in 1979.

The far north can be a brutal place. Many towns exist, but there are not many ways to get to them and air transportation becomes a must. But what happens when an older aircraft crash lands in the middle of no where? Most times, it is not worth the cost and effort to salvage the plane and they are left to rot. Although sad, it does provide the ability for people to head north and take some amazing shots of these aging aircraft.

Ruud Leeuw took a look at some of the aircraft that have been abandoned in the great north and I felt it was something to share. Not only does Leeuw’s page have great photos of old aircraft, but also many stories to go along with them. From a B-29 that crashed landed in Greenland, to a Lockheed Lodestar that went down in northern Qubec, the collection is quite impressive. If you have a few minutes (eh, make it more than a few), be sure to check out his site.

Thanks Dave for pointing this one out.

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Fascinating! Love all of that. I often fly over these lands and just can’t believe that we are truly “In the middle of nowhere.”

Cool article. Would make for some fun adventures. Bear Grylls of Discovery Channels Man Vs. Wild spent one night in an abandoned fuselage in Iceland I think in one episode.

Wow, an Avro York and a Bristol Freighter in addition to all those C-46s. Amazing site, thanks for sharing David.

That is freakin awesome!

Tremendous website, thanks for sharing.

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