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Captain Steve Rogers came on to Saturday Night Live (SNL) this weekend to apologize to Alec Baldwin for being kicked off a recent American Airlines flight for being disruptive. It is amazing how much Captain Rogers not only has three strips on his uniform (showing that he is a co-pilot), but he also looks a lot like Alec Baldwin.

While watching the video with my girlfriend she pointed out that I make similar arguments about electronic devices on the plane. Even though I might not agree with the rules and get annoyed when I am told to turn off my phone and/or camera, I do what I am told and don’t get all huffy. It is too bad that Alec doesn’t really apologize for acting the way he did, but all that aside, the video is humorous.

I reached out to American Airlines on a quote about the SNL skit and even though I was assured that many in American have seen it, they have no official comment.


UPDATE: Brett Snyder on his site Cranky Flier has some great thoughts on the whole situation. I have to say that I agree with Brett on this one.