China Eastern Airlines Airbus A340-600 B-6055 with Expo 2010 livery.

China Eastern Airlines Airbus A340-600 B-6055 with Expo 2010 livery.

The Airbus A340-600 is one long plane. With a length of over 246 feet, it is the second longest airliner produced behind the new Boeing 747-8. This gives a lot of room for airlines to show off special liveries and that is just want China Eastern Airlines did for their special Expo 2010 livery.

Sure, the Expo 2010 happened in Shanghai China from May 1st to the end of October 2010, but that does not mean the airline has to remove the icon off their website, or replace the livery. (Even though it is possible they have, the most recent photo I could find is from July 2011).

So does this livery work? In my opinion it is a bit ugly. Maybe if the airline did not try to keep their normal livery and the new design, it would have worked a lot better, but this just seems to be trying too hard with too many colors going all over the place. Although, from the front, is it not too bad.

China Eastern Airlines is based in Shanghai and has been in operation since 1988. It currently flies to over 100 international and domestic destinations and is a member of the SkyTeam alliance. The airline operates a mixed fleet of more than 265 aircraft from the smaller Bombardier CRJ200 to the A340-600, which is the largest aircraft in their fleet.

Image: Globespotter

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Cheatlines, patterns, colors, whatever they use beats the heck out of the plain billboard style that is so common nowadays. I second your choice for this week!

is that comic sans? hoooooorible livery.

Manuel Vieira-Ribeiro

I agree with John D. Any variation is interesting.

Sorry but not a fan of this one! Just doesn’t look right.

One of the few liveries worse than the new United livery.

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