This Boeing 787 will be celebrated today around the world.

This Boeing 787 will be celebrated today around the world.

Today is the day of the official Boeing 787 Dreamliner delivery ceremony. Be sure to catch it live via Boeing’s website and Twitter. The ceremony is only supposed to last until about 9:30am PDT, so do not miss it. The aircraft will be leaving Paine Field tomorrow morning at about 7am PDT. There will be no media on board the first flight, just ANA employees, but media will be present at the lift off (including myself).

The 787 delivery will be completed outside Boeing’s factory and let’s hope for good weather. Right now, the forecast is rain (I know, surprising right?), but either way, this event is happening.

As announced yesterday, the aircraft is already officially ANA’s. This event will celebrate this historic delivery and I am told there might be some “pulling” of the heart strings.

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Photos of the Boeing 787 Delivery Ceremony to ANA

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