LOT's new livery to debut on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Photo courtesy of Boeing and LOT. Click for larger.

LOT's new livery to debut on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Photo courtesy of Boeing and LOT. Click for larger.

LOT Polish Airlines currently has eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners on order and during the Paris Air Show they unveiled an updated livery that will debut on the Dreamliner. The large “LOT” lettering and bird will remain, but with many other updated airline liveries, the cheat line running down the windows will disappear. The aircraft will be configured with 18 business class, 21 premium economy class and 213 economy class seats. LOT is set to be the first European airline to receive the 787 Dreamliner, starting in summer of 2012.

The new livery is cleaner than their current one and it is great they are keeping the large “LOT” at the front making the airline easily recognizable. The color red is a new addition to the livery and matches the red found on the Polish flag. I think I can say I actually like the new livery quite a LOT (heh).

Check out Flight Global’s story with additional mock-ups of LOT’s new interior for the 787 Dreamliner and a photo from LOT of the model concept and some drawings at Paris.

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John D

Typically I mourn the disappearing cheatline, but I think LOT has done a great job with this new livery. For some reason, I especially like the titles on the engines.

I like the new livery. It seems to follow the minimalist theme a la Air France and Lufthansa. I think it’s nice for them to lose the cheatline. It would have been nice to keep something across the cockpit windows, but I suppose it would look out of place without the cheatline.

The red streak they implemented on the tail is interesting. The LOT on the engine cowlings is a bit of overkill. I think the bird would have been a better choice.

Nice livery nonetheless.


As a polish citizen I really took it into consideration chainig myself to the runway or go on hunger strike, schould any of the ugly new schemes presented on the internet have been choosen as the new livery ,)

And now it’s a relief … I also mourn the old scheme nevertheless but times there’s a changing …

I like the look of airplanes without that cheat line. To me, it makes them look cleaner and more advanced.

Gerry Fitzpatrick

From the pictures published so far, is it true that the full name “Polish Airlines” is now on both sides of the craft, instead of the Polish language on the right side and English on the left?

That’s a really good question Gerry — let me ask.


Marshall Massengale

Wow! Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

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