This video was shot in Los Angeles, CA at Ontario International Airport (ONT) in 2009. On its own, it is a pretty slick video showing a bit of airport operations and of course aircraft. The video was made by Greg Strasz who is a visual effects art director who has worked on movies like 2012 and soon to-be release Anonymous. Yea, not too shabby work huh? Although he loves video effects, he also loves aviation and shot this video to provide as a reference for his VFX department to the director of 2012. Obviously it worked. If I remember there was a pretty slick shot of the main character flying a plane under a falling building in the movie. Ah yea.

Thanks Greg for sharing.

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Short Take: Trip Report of International Flight of Eastern Air Lines DC-7
john wallace

Nice shots of FedEx MD-10 in ONT. thanks

Very cool video. I love the filter Greg used for the filming. Adds a nice dimension to the airport opereations.

Nice work, Greg!

Mike F

I believe those are video EFFECTS (not affects).

Dang it. Thanks — fixed.


Mike F

Always glad to help. 😉


His style is nice, I’d love to see more like it from him…too bad its dominated by less-than-beautiful SWA B737s…

Ha! Yea, I think that is the nicest I have seen the Southwest livery :). Sorry, but I am not a huge fan of the livery, even though the airline does a great job.


If you notice closely – the aircraft shown in the entire video is only one type – the 737 series. I think only one shot had a 727.

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