The second Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental (named RC021) took to the skies on April 26th and Boeing has just release their official video.

This 747-8I is special, since it will be the first Intercontinental to actually enter passenger service and will be delivered to Lufthansa Airlines. The first (RC001), which first took off on March 20th, will be going to a private buyer.

As reported earlier, even though this Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental will be going to Lufthansa, it does not have the full livery since the aircraft is going through flight testing. However, I have heard rumors that a full liveried Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I might be coming out of the paint hangar sometime this summer.

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No matter the current livery, she is a beautiful bird. -C.

Back in the 1970’s I flew a Northwest Orient 747 from JFK to Dulles. I was a teenager, and when I asked if I could see the upstairs lounge the request was immediately granted, and the flight attendents served me coffee while I was up there (I was flying coach). I fell in love with the 747 at that moment. I have flown Singapore and QANTAS A380’s, and while I have enjoyed my flights each time (despite 2 17+ hour delays), my smile is wider and my happiness increases exponentially each time I see a 747 at my boarding gate. The 747-8 seems to take a wonderful, time tested aircraft that I will always consider incredible, and makes it even sleeker. I am really looking forward to flying this aircraft in the future.

it does not have the full livery since the aircraft is going through flight testing.

That’s a description, but not a reason. Why is there no full Lufthansa livery on the plane? Because of LH or because of Boeing, and why don’t they want LH livery on a flight test bird?

I seem to remember one of the original flight test A340s carried full Lufthansa livery.

There is an Atlas Air 747-8F on the flightline painted white, why no full livery on that airplane?


That thing is just MASSIVE. I love it!

Captain Speaking

Fantastic video. SUCH a shame it can’t downloaded. How come?

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