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Three will enter, one will leave. Where once there was Virgin Blue who operated domestic flights with in Australia and then V Australia and Pacific Blue for international, there will only one: Virgin Australia.

“From today, Virgin Australia will operate domestically in Australia,” Virgin Australia Airlines’ first ever CEO John Borghetti said. “By the end of the year, our international product V Australia and Pacific Blue will also operate under the Virgin Australia name.”

This new livery looks slick and is closest to the old V Australia livery, which I have been a fan of. I have no sad feelings seeing the Pacific Blue and Virgin Blue livery disappear. I have never been a fan of the red, red, red livery.

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We’re trying to figure out who has the best legs!

Ugly – seriously David, time to see the optician

Really that bad for you? What is not to like about it? Don’t tell me you liked the Pacific Blue livery?


This is exactly what I was thinking about

Virgin Blue’s name was basically an inside joke among the Aussies. Though they don’t say it, the paint scheme was obviously just inverted from Qantas with the red on top. And then thanks to a naming contest, the name Virgin Blue came from Aussie slang where they call redheads by the nickname blues. How many airlines actually have a story behind their name?

It’s good for them to reach the point where they can move on from a livery that was a response to the competition. So apparently their choice is just a Virgin Group logo and then an otherwise white plane. It’s bland. But obviously their priority was to emphasize the logo. It accomplishes that goal.

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