Buffalo Airway's DC-4, staring in their show Ice Pilots.

Buffalo Airway's DC-4, staring in their show Ice Pilots.

Earlier in the week I shared with you a TV show that I am very excited about (no, I am not getting paid anything to endorse the show).

Ice Pilots is airing for the first time in the US on the National Geographic Channel today and I had the times wrong. You can catch the show tonight (Friday) at 10:00 PM & 1:00 AM (EST) or 7:00 PM & 10:00 PM (PST).

Sorry for the confusion. If you are able to watch it (or have seen it in Canada) feel free to leave any comments here — I will forward them  to the show’s producers.

Image from Ice Pilots via Flickr

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Ice Pilots NWT is a very addictive program, with lots of insights into how Buffalo Airlines copes with the cold conditions of operating a passenger and cargo op in the extreme North.

Thanks! As much as I would like to watch this program, I am limited to BB Internet access: I have not owned a TV for >15 years and certainly so not have ‘Cable.’ Life in the boonies is fun, but may be as isolated as some of the Ice Pilots that the program may feature. Any Other source ideas? How did you manage to preview the program. Go back-channel if necessary. Thanks. -C.


You can watch full episodes at History Television-a Canadian website. Search for Ice Pilots.
Apparently in Canada, the second season has begun, but it looks like both seasons are available.

Thanks jennywa. I found the site and the full eposodes, but they don’t want to play. I wonder if there is some regional restriction on Canadian material. hm.

I am glad I caught the first one in this series. Reminded me of my earlier days when I too had to sweep snow off of the DC-3 I was going to fly that day.

I love the old piston bangers like the DC-3 and C-46.

Thanks for the heads up.

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