Air Greenland Airbus A330 (OY-GRN)

Air Greenland Airbus A330 (OY-GRN)

If I had to choose a color to represent the country of Greenland, red sure would not be it. If I had to choose a color to show up against the snow in Greenland, well… I might choose red. The airline Air Greenland has been around in 1960 and is a joint operation between the government of Greenland and the SAS group.

The have a unique fleet of aircraft: Airbus A330, Dash-7, Dash-8, Super King Air, S-61 and Bell 212. How awesome would it be to arrive in an Airbus A330 before swithing over to a Bell 212 — not too many airlines you can do that with.

The airline serves the vast land area and remote villages of Greenland as well as providing ambulance and other charter flights. In 2010 Air Greeland flew more than 427,000 passengers.

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They used to fly 757s into BWI, from I believe July 2007 to March 2008. Ticket sales were poor, but I loved seeing that red a/c fly in. BWI doesn’t have a real strong international flight lineup, so the GL 757 and the BA 767 were always welcome sights parked at Concourse E.


Looks like a flying bottle of ketchup šŸ™‚

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