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What a nice sunny day in Seattle today. Perfect to venture over to Paine Field to check out the newest livery on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner: China Southern. B-2725 is currently parked next to the Future of Flight with Dreamliners for JAL, Air India and ANA.

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Nice photos, all very pretty, sitting bunched up there, although looking forlorn and engine-less.
Did Japan Air change their branding and not include the 787?
That would be strange.

That is the big question. It would be odd to change their brand but take tgeir 787s with the old livery. My bet is they will re-paint the 787s before delivery.


Nice airplanes to be sure, but sort of sad to see them sitting with concrete blocks in place of engines and when they should be flying. I suspect that most of the AC in short term storage at Paine still need to have the many revisions and re-works applied before they can be delivered. And, of course the assembly line continues to crank them out. As a PNW native and one who watched the first editions of the B-52 getting towed across the highway (that sure dates me!) I’ve never known a world in which Boeing did not play a big part. Boeing bet the farm with the Dash 80 (707 series) and they’ve done it again with the 787. I sure hope that it is a long term success for them! -C.

I really did like the JAL livery on the 787s. It was simple, but I liked it! Not a big fan of their new-old style livery.

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