You think you have the livery skills to tell what airlines are in these photos?

You think you have the livery skills to tell what airlines are in these photos?

After getting so few answers on the last Ultimate Airline Livery Challenge, I was happy to see I might have made this one a little bit easier. That was “easier” and not “easy.” I was very impressed how quickly some of you got the correct answers. After getting the photos done for the first time I realized what was in the background on picture #1. It was an Inter Air Airbus A300 and realized it could give away #10, so I photoshopped the titles off. It seems like #3 got most people since Britannia flew both Boeing 767’s and 757’s, but #5 was a game changer for some as well.

So, do you like it better with other airplane parts than just wings? I had more fun making this one. Anyhow, here are the answers:

1) Air Afrique DC-10-30 (TU-TAM). Photo by Jordi Grife.
2) Sabena Boeing 737-200 (OO-SDJ). Photo by Jordi Grife.
3) Britannia Airways Boeing 767-200 (G-BRIG). Photo by 64N21W.
4) Ghana International Airlines Boeing 757-200 (G-STRZ). Photo by superspotter.
5) BWIA West Indies Airlines Airbus A340-300 (9Y-TJN). Photo by Fossie1.
6) Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 (UR-PSD). Photo by Osdu.
7) Trans World Airlines Lockheed L1011. Photo by Dean Morely.
8) Surinam Airways Boeing 747-300 (PZ-TCM). Photo by David VanWoerkom
9) Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing 777-200ER (V8-BLB). Photo by David McKelvey.
10) Air Inter Dassault Mercure (F-BTTJ). Photo by Jordi Grife.

* Matt F.
* Josu G.
* Alfred T.
* Patrick O.
* Antonio T.
* Javier A.
* Thomas B.

They went for the gold. Guessing both livery and aircraft type and each of these folks only got one thing off. Still very impressive.
* Ben W. Darn #3! Only got the #3 aircraft type wrong
* Rory M. #3 767 vs 757
* Mark G. #3 guessing the 757
* Gordon W. Such a rockstar with even giving reg#’s on some, but #5 got him
* Erik G. Was off on #5, but close
* Kyle D. Only off on one airline type

* Chris J.

Okay, so maybe #3 was a little unfair. I really think the only think you could have done was to hunt down the exact photo, which can be a challenge. That’s a lot of winners, so I might have to go with some stickers for the prizes. I am working on getting some donations for future prizes, so if you have any ideas on where to look, let me know!

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