You think you have the livery skills to tell what airlines are in these photos?

You think you have the livery skills to tell what airlines are in these photos?

It has been a while since I have had an Ultimate Airline Livery Challenge, so let’s do another one.

The first challenge only had seven liveries and eight people got them correct. Then I held a second contest with eight tails and tried to make them a bit more tricky, but still, somehow, six of you still got all the answers. I figured I might have made it too difficult with the third contest, choosing ten obscure liveries and BAM, only two got them all right.

For the fourth installment of Ultimate Airline Livery Challenge, I am changing things up a bit. I am not adding any more, but doing more than just tails. As you can see, there are some different parts of aircraft than we have seen before and hopefully this will spice things up a bit. What is not changing is the basic challenge:


I will keep the contest open until Monday, January 31st, 5pm. If you have any questions, feel free to leave comments, but please email (da***@ai*************.com) your answers, since I don’t want others seeing them.

People who get them all correct will be given a prize. If you can’t get them all correct, don’t worry, send your answers on over anyhow, if you get enough I will give you a shout out on the blog. You can then print off the blog and put it on your fridge :).

This is not a hardcore contest, so have fun with it and tell me which ones you are having the most difficulty with.

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10 threw me momentarily, then the dead giveaway was noted.

Nathan T

I just started reading your site, and it’s great! Let’s see if I have what it takes for the livery challenge..!

Toughest one for me was #6. I knew an area that it was from, but took ages to get any more than that.

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