American Airlines commercial from 1972 showing off their new luxury liner fleet DC-10, Boeing 707 and Boeing 747. Classic. Check out that economy lounge they had back then.

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great video
I remember the AA 747 when it came to PHX from ORD, my sister came in on it and said she was scared.
For a time AA also flew a DC10 from PHX to SFO, was this a repositioning flight?

WOW those were the good ole days, how times have change. 🙁

Wow.. I flew on an AA DC10 in 1996.. HNL-SFO-HNL… still dont make them like they used too!

David Capodilupo

I flew an American 747 from JFK to SFO in the summer of 1973 – I remember the paino bar in the rear of the plane, and, the spiral staircase to the upper deck. As a kid, we got AA 747 puzzles and this amazing cardboard, cut out 3d model of an AA 747, and coloring books…as Archie and Edith sang, “..those were the days….”.

I remember flying an AA DC10 from LGA to DFW many years ago (yes, they did fly the DC10 into LGA). It was cool because they had the cockpit cam on upon takeoff, and you see the runway trail off into the Long Island Sound and hope the plane can pull up fast enough so you don’t go into the drink (some planes have done that).

I have heard that the DC-10 was built so that it could take off and land on LaGuardia’s 7000 foot long runways.

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