I think if you are reading this blog, you probably have a pretty good idea what jetliner ended up winning transporting passengers across the Atlantic. However, at the time of this video, it wasn’t quite sure if the Boeing 707 would be able to beat out the Comet. The Comet had some serious issues with coming apart in mid-flight, but the Boeing 707 was an unknown new-comer. Boeing put a lot of money and hard work to make the Boeing 707 successful and it paid off.

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Great video David, I had the pleasure of flying on both the Comet and the 707 🙂

Hey Dave!

How would you compare the two? Any change you have photos :)?


This Is going back to my mid teens LOL…..I think It was about 1972 when I was on the Dan-Air Comet, Manchester to Majorca and back. I was 12 yrs old so I dont really remember too much, just the really hard landing In the rain at Manchester and people started screaming.

The 707 was 1975, Wardair, Manchester to Vancouver and back. CF-ZYP and CF-FAN

The 707 was, and still Is my fav aircraft.

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