Okay Airways Boeing 737-800 (B-5366) at Boeing Field before delivery.

Okay Airways Boeing 737-800 (B-5366) at Boeing Field before delivery.

When you aren’t looking for the best or the worst, check out Okay Airways. Ok, maybe not really, it has to do more with the translation than a statement on their quality of service. Okay Airways was founded in 2004 as China’s first private airline.

The airline had to suspend operations at the end of 2008, but started back up again in early 2009. They are growing their fleet of Boeing 737’s with a recent announcement of 10 additional 737-800’s have been ordered and expanding their regional fleet with new Xinzhou-60.

Thanks David B for this livery!

Image: Rick Schlamp

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The livery looks pretty good. Maybe someday those “boring” airlines figure out the power of new liveries and marketing

I like the uniqueness of this livery. Not too many can do the pink/purple thing. Then the big OK on the side. Not the prettiest…but not too bad either. I guess it is kind of “OK” 🙂


When “meh” isn’t good enough, try OK.

LOL! That is awesome.


How about:

“When meh, no longer cuts it, try OK. OK?”

Yes, I’m having a one man slogan competition with myself on your blog. Sorry.

Keep ’em coming 🙂


“We’re not the best, but we’re the next best thing. OK.”

OK, we’ll take you there

its just OK. Don’t expect much.

Though one must be careful, the IATA deisgnated OK is assigned to Czech Airways. Okay is assigned the useless BK.

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