New British Airways Boeing 747-8F at Paine Field

New British Airways Boeing 747-8F at Paine Field

Late last night I got word from Jon Ostrower (aka FlightBlogger) that a nicely new painted Boeing 747-8 in British Airways colors was out in the open. So, this morning I headed over to Paine Field (KPAE) to check it out. I found her, but it wasn’t so easy. First she was parked a bit off from the rest of the Boeing 747-8’s and she is not in full British Airways livery. She is painted all white with a blue belly.

I was also able to check out the other Boeing 747-8’s sitting, waiting to take to the sky.


Update: BA has announced it is updating its fleet of Boeing 747-400F with new Boeing 747-8F’s and will be leasing them through Global Supply Systems, which is 49% owned by Atlas Air. On the press release BA states, “It has also been agreed that the new 747-8fs will be delivered in British Airways livery and incorporate the British Airways World Cargo logo.” Flight Global reports that they will be wet-leased for five years by GSS.

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Beautiful David!!!


It is a nice way to start the day!


I can’t wait to go to Paine Field one day. Just stuck here in Ohio waiting for something to happen.


I do feel so lucky to live just 10 minutes away from Paine Field. But at least I can share it 🙂

I would imagine Ohio doesn’t get too many large aircraft flying in?


Not quite full colours (as BA would spell it)…will be interesting to see with full livery.

I am trying to find the deal out with it. I am guessing some sort of “light livery” since the rudder is white and normally those are the first to be painted…


…what is even odder, is that this is a freighter, rather than the intercontinental passenger version (with the stretched uppper deck)….and Boeing doesn’t list British Airways as an announced customer for either version. I don’t think BA has any freighters (at least according to (great fleet site)), and I can’t find any reference to the 747-8 on the BA web site.

As Alice would say, “curiouser and curiouser”

Peter F

I’m thinking this may be one destined for AirBridgeCargo via Volga-Dnepnr Airlines.

Peter F

Well, I just checked and found a drawing from 2008 for the ABC -8F and it has a gray belly. But that doesn’t mean there was no change of plans. I can’t think of anyone else on the production list that might be after a blue-bottomed livery.

Hey Peter!

BA announced they will be leasing new B747-8F from Atlas. They might fly under their own colors, but I am not sure. I am in the process of finding out.


Peter F

Wow, that was a big announcement to miss! Very interesting.

Nice one David….I have to get down there soon for a “Boeing” fix LOL.

Evers P.

This is L/N 1429 – 747-87UF, RC571, serial number 37562, Atlas Air #1, leased to GSS (BA World Cargo), allocated Atlas registration N851GT, future britsh registration G-????, painted in basic white-dark blue BA colours, no final livery applied , KPAE flight line .

Thanks Evers!

BA did confirm it will be painted with full livery before delivery!


Evers P.

Typing error : N850GT is the allocated Atlas registration for L/N 1429.( N851GT is allocated for the second Atlas 747-8F ( L/N 1432, expected roll-out around October 12)

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