What a beautiful morning to fly. United Express (with white nose - N708SK) CRJ-700 with a United Boeing 757 and moon in the background at SEA.

What a beautiful morning to fly. United Express (with white nose - N708SK) CRJ-700 with a United Boeing 757 and moon in the background at SEA.

Back to Seattle Tacoma International Airport probably the last time before they install body scanners. Waiting for my United Express flight down to LAX for a special event that United holds for all their VIP passengers to connect and get feedback. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (what’s Twitter?) to see all the action.

I am excited to check out one of these events and also for the flight down to LAX. This will be my first flight on a Canadair Regional Jet 700. Being based in Seattle, there just aren’t that many regional jets that fly out of here and most of my connections with-in the US have been on larger aircraft.

I enjoyed flying on the ERJ-145 with its 2:1 layout and interested to check out this CRJ-700 with mostly 2:2 layout. The United Express flight is being flown by Skywest and according to SeatGuru.com, this plane should have First Class and United Economy Plus seats. I ended up with seat 6D which should be economy plus and I didn’t have to pay a dime more to get it. Should be a good flight.

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Fan Photo: Pan Am Boeing 747-200 at Seattle

The thing you will likely find different is that the window is too low. Unless you have an inverted periscope, you will likely have neck pain by the end of the flight. I will book ERJ’s over CRJ’s in the future if I’m getting a window seat (which I always try to get).


The windows were raised and the floor lowered in the CRJ700. You’re thinking of the CRJ200.


Quite hope that SEA-LAX returns to mainline with the UA/CO merger.

LAX has been a hub for United Airlines and for many others such as American Airlines and now the latest Virgin America. the CRJ700 aircraft is built on Montreal, Canada by Bombardier and is one of the sleekest business regional jets out there. No matter where you sit on it, it promises to be a good experience. I flew on it last year from Toronto-Thunder Bay with Air Canada’s Jazz and it was a really smooth ride.

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