A nice Turkish Airlines Airbus A340 up front, lots of other Turkish planes in the background.

A nice Turkish Airlines Airbus A340 up front, lots of other Turkish planes in the background.

The argument for “passengers of size” has been going on for quite some time now. Now Turkish Airlines is looking to add “flight attendants of size” into the mix. 28 flight attendants have been put on unpaid leave to shape up or be reassigned.

Izzet Levi, head of a cabin attendants’ association, and one of those trying to lose weight, told the Haber Turk newspaper he must drop 22 pounds or he will get re-assigned.

This is a tricky situation. With larger passengers, it is easy just to have them purchase a second seat, but flight attendants need to be able to safely get up and down the aisle and help passengers get off the aircraft in case of an emergency.

It is easier with passengers to tell when they have to buy a second seat. If you can’t put your seatbelt on or put down the armrests, there is a good chance you will have to buy the seat next to you, but with flight attendants, it is not as easy.

Source: AOL Travel Image: Baris Karakaya

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I think that being in good shape as a flight attendant is critical if you’re in an emergency situation. Although I can understand how some may be offended by the airline’s position on this, it’s important to ensure that flight attendants will be thin enough to move around the cabin in a high pressure situation.

It’s important to look past the hurt feelings here and consider the safety of passengers. It’s just like any job — you need certain qualifications (being in shape is one of them) to be able to perform your duty up to par.

Sounds like good policy to me.

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