Can you find all 16 US Airways tails in this photo?

Can you find all 16 US Airways tails in this photo? (there is a bigger version in the links). Photo by Drew V.

Last week I put the challenge out to find photos with lots of airline tails. When I put the photos of a bunch of Qantas Airline’s tails, I only saw nine. However a reader smartly pointed out that there are really ten. Here are the photos I was sent:

* My original Qantas with TEN tails
* 10 Delta Air Lines tails from Daniel
* Aireal shot of 20 Delta tails from Daniel
* Who wants to count all these tails up? from Daniel
* 16 US Airways tails (with markings showing all 16) from Drew V
* 40 FedEx tails sent in from Rowen
* Five Qantas Airlines Boeing 747 tails at LAX by daeguowl
* A whole load of old US Airways Shuttle photos (even though I said Mojave wouldn’t work, but I can break my own rules) by @FlyInsider
* 12 Lufthansa tails from @FlyInsider
* Go ahead and count them in this satellite shot of Mojave forwarded by @BinkyAirways
* I count 15 Northwest Airlines tails, which will soon be going away – from @TerminalWanderer

So who is the winner? That is hard to tell since I am not counting them for all the photos. I will say EVERYONE is a winner for finding such great photos.

UPDATE: I have added a few more photos. It is not too late to send them on in to me, if you want them posted.

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Drew V.

Those US Airways Shuttle aircraft are none other than 737-200 series aka “the tin mouse”. I actually spotted a private/charter B732 taking off at CLT the other week:

and he was smoking quite a bit like the classics:

Can you honestly count Delta Connection as Delta (when the operating certificate says Atlantic Southeast Airlines or ComAir)? Is NW Airlink (operated by Pinnacle, Compass or Mesaba) really a Northwest aircraft? Pedantically, no.

Whoa! Using fancy words :). I am working up a blog post on this idea. Are the links really part of the legacy carriers. Technically no. But I think to most customers, yes. Perception is key!


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