How many of these airline liveries did you get correct?

How many of these airline liveries did you get correct?

You guys are crazy…crazy good. I really worked hard to try to make this the hardest one possible. With the first ultimate livery challenge, eight smart folks got them all right. This time only six got it, so I am on the right track! Here are your answers (click to see the full image):

#1 Onur Air Airbus A300 – photo by egcc
#2 Armavia Airlines A320 – photo by World Famous Airlines
#3 Air Pacific Boeing 747-100 – photo by dasdad54
#4 Cyprus Airways Airbus A319 – photo by Thomas Becker
#5 East African Airlines VC-10 – photo by Manfred Groihs
#6 Odyssey International Boeing 757 – photo by Savvas Garozis
#7 OrenAir Tupolev TU-204 – photo by  osdu
#8 Faucett Peru McDonald-Douglas DC-8 – photo by Savvas Garozis

And these fine folks are the best of the best with airline liveries:
* Alfred T
* Gordon W (@GordonWerner)
* Kevin F (@TxAgFlyer)
* Ben W (@BenjaminWhalen)
* Patrick O
* Chris J

Even though who replied first didn’t matter, I did put them in order of when I got them. Alfred is out of control, he submitted his answer 2 hours and 32 minutes after I posted the challenge…amazing. I was not expecting this many people to get these right, so I am working on prizes, but each person will get a prize, just like they did last time.

I got some partial answers and those even really impress me. I don’t know how I will make this harder, but I am going to. Alfred…you have been warned :)!

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