Nine Qantas tails, can you do better?

Nine Qantas tails, can you do better?

I don’t really remember what I was looking at when I found this photo with nine Qantas Airline’s tails showing (the ninth is just the tip). I posted it on Twitter and @FlyInsider went and found this photo with 11 Lufthansa tails. Not too bad.

So I wonder. Can anyone do better? The catch is, it has to be a photo of airline’s tails when the airline is in business (ie no Mojave Desert photos of planes not being used — that would be cheating). The planes have to be at an airport or heck even in the air (if you can find that many in the air). Leave links to the photos in the comments or email me da***@ai*************.com with your find.

Contest over will be over by Wednesday at 5pm PST. No prize this time (those that won prizes for my Ultimate Livery Challenge — they are finally being mailed) but I will show the photo you find and say your name and link to a site (if you have one).

UPDATE: What a good eye! DCSpotter found there are actually TEN tails in the photo. Can you find the 10th? If not, check the comments.


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I count 10 – the tail of the 747 taxiing on the right side of the photo barely sticks out to the left of the tail of the 737 (making it the third tail in line)

Man on man! This is why you have “Spotter” in your name :). Nice job, I will have to update my post. But now do you have photos with more?!



A quick look at revealed this one – 40 Fed Ex tails (yes one is almost completely hidden but you can see a bit of it)


I could only get 5 Qantas ones but they were at LAX so I reckon that’s not too bad…

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