Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Last time I was visiting the Future of Flight I picked up a very interesting brochure about the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine used on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and wanted to share the top 10 most interesting things:

#1: At take-off the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s two Trent 1000s will deliver thrust of 150,000 lbf, which is equivalent to the power of 1,500 cars.

#2 The engine sucks in 1.25 tons of air per second during take off (that’s about the volume of a racket ball court every second).

#3 The 112″ fan spins at over 2700 RPM with tip speeds over 900 mph, but the blades inside the engine spin at 13,500 RPM with tip speeds topping 1200 mph.

#4 Air passing through the engine is squeezed to more than 700 lb per sq inch, which is 50 times normal air pressure.

#5 The engine has about 30,000 individual components.

#6 The Boeing 787 will carry up to 270 passengers, which is equivalent to the economics of a typical car with four passengers. However, the 787 travels ten times faster.

#7 The Trent 1000 is expected to fly for 20,000 hours before its first overhaul. That’s about 11 million miles or 450 times around the world.

#8 The fuel in the engine combustion chamber burns at about 3632 deg F — the sun’s surface is about 9941 deg F.

#9 The force on a fan blade at take-off is about 100 tons. That is like hanging a freight train off each blade. The first generation of turbine blades had about 10 tons of force.

#10 A Boeing 787 at full power take off is 3dB quieter than a Boeing 767, even though it is 1/3 heavier. At the airport perimeter, the noise level would be equivalent to that of a waterfall.

Image: FlightBlogger

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Putting #10 in perspective, “3dB quieter” literally means it cuts the sound in half.

Every 3dB up doubles a quantity. And every 3dB down cuts it in half. See

That’s impressive for any jet.

Be careful – Rolls Royce paid millions of Dollars a year in secret corruption and slush funds to help sell their aero engines to airlines that will be “advised” (or forced!) by those receiving the secret slush funds.
Just one example is that Tommy Suharto (son of the ex-Indonesian president) was given about 20 million dollars and a new blue Rolls Royce car by Rolls Royce (before he was jailed for murder!) to force the Indonesian airline Garuda to take the R-R Trent 700 engine on the A330 aircraft they were buying. They got a really bad commercial deal and the follow-on warranty and support was probably the worst any operator had ever had. When Tommy was jailed, Rolls then paid his millionaire friend, Soetikno about 1 million dollars a year! This was supported by the Rolls exec in Indonesia (Dr Mike Gray) because Mike was given “personal benefit” by Soetikno to keep the contract going. Mike even used RR staff to support the bar girl he was “knocking off” when his wife was away.

Dick Taylor. (ex Rolls-Royce Chief Service Rep)

What a load of absolute guff. You clearly have a grudge against RR and are trying desperately to shame them. As for someone being given a RR car as some sort of bribe, RR PLC and RR are 2 completely seperate entities. It would be like Boeing giving someone a Jaguar !! What a story teller you are…

#6 is very interesting indeed. I guess you calculated that using the thrust and torque offered by the airplane and the car ?


#6 has me baffled, please explain. Is it cost per seat mile that is being compared? If so I get it. If not???


Power is just thrust times speed at take off.

A freight train is more than 100 tons. It can be much more than 10000 tons!


They’re talking about just a locomotive, not an entire train.

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@ Dick, no different (if true ) to any other company the yanks have been very good at it for years, military hardware is a fine example.

Thanks for sharing information in your blog

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