Turbine Beaver ready to fly on Lake Union just north of Downtown Seattle

Turbine Beaver ready to fly on Lake Union just north of Downtown Seattle

Those of you who live in the Seattle area got quite the treat on Tuesday. Almost to 60 degrees and sunny (not your typical February 2nd kind of weather). It was a perfect day to take a scenic seaplane ride over Seattle in a Turbine Beaver with Kenmore Air.

Mary Kirby, who writes the awesome Runway Girl blog, was in town for the Boeing 787 interior tour and we both got the opportunity to tour the city from above and it was an awesome trip. We were both excited about being able to fly on a seaplane, “There is something about a seaplane that makes me giddy,” Kirby told me after the trip.

About half way through we noticed a familiar looking plane in the sky, one with unique wings. It was ZA002, the second Boeing 787 above Seattle. Luckily the pilot is an aviation fan as well (how could a pilot not be?) and he turned the plane so we could all get a better look. Unfortunately my camera wouldn’t focus on the Boeing 787, but I did get a few blurry shots.  “Seeing the Dreamliner from a seaplane might be one of the very best vantage points in the world. In short, I was in heaven,” Kirby told me when asked how she felt about seeing the Dreamliner flying for the first time.

Seeing the Space Needle from the air is always amazing

Seeing the Space Needle from the air is always amazing

It is amazing to see Seattle from the sky. The town is really beautiful and seeing her from the air gives a unique perspective. Sure I see Seattle flying in and out of the airport quite a bit, but it is a different experience being in a smaller plane.

If you have always wanted to check it out, but weren’t sure, this is the perfect time! Kenmore Air is having a Valentine’s sale where you can buy one ticket for the scenic tour at normal price and get another half priced.

Kenmore Air doesn’t just do scenic tours. They also have quite the network of flights around Washington, but I will cover that in a future blog!


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Pictures of Boeing 747-8 Doing Taxi Testing

A seaplane ride over Seattle is one of the really nice things I did over there.

I did one of these tours as well. In case you’re interested, here are a couple of my clicks :

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