Batavia Air-Boeing 737-4Y0 Reg: PK-YTP

Batavia Air-Boeing 737-4Y0 Reg: PK-YTP

A Batavia Air Boeing 737 that was at the Ngurah Rai Airport in Indonesia had some issues with one of its engines and caused passenger panic. Airport Commander, Lt. Col. Aldrin P. Mongan, stated “, there was a blast-like sound which shook the plane when the second engine was turned on.”

The blast caused smoke, which caused some passengers to think the plane was on fire. “[Passengers] demanded the cabin crew to open the emergency exit door and some of them jumped off disorderly. They jumped before the slider came out,” Ketut Parwa, the head of the Bali rescue team stated. Three passengers jumped out of the aircraft and all were injured.

The act of these passengers is very selfish. It seems they were not listening to the flight crew and put other people’s lives at risk. However, I don’t know how I would react if I was on a plane and honestly thought it was on fire. Especially when knowing all Indonesian airlines (except Garuda Indonesia) are banned from flying to the European Union since 2007 due to their poor safety record.

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Source: Seattle PI Image: Tri Setyo Wijanarko

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In the perspective of the passengers I could see the alarm. But its also the role of the flight crew to ensure the safety of passengers. Sometimes this is done by reassuring that there is no emergency even if one is perceived. Older aircraft can smoke when the engine starts. Heck I have watched some older Airbus Cargo planes land and have compressor surges. Which sounds like a slight boom and sometimes even creates a momentary burst of fire. The first time I saw one I was ready to role out the fire crews but held off as I was told that particular aircraft had them all the time.

Can’t believe they jumped off the plane though!

Dr. Smith

That’s true, gas turbine engines frequently flame-out or have combustion burps that let out all sorts of smoke and flame. One reason rationale for under-the-wing engines (in addition to ease of maintenance) is that it generally keeps passengers from seeing these common occurrences. I’m very surprised the flight crew wasn’t more forceful – perhaps it’s simply a sign of growing indignation or familiarity with air travel. People used to dress up to fly, and flight attendants had to be registered nurses. Now I’m afraid they’re treated like flying buses.

Geez, I’d like to see the folks who were motivated to jump from a ’37 without so much as smoke in the cabin… that’s crazy!

I love this post! Youhave a great blog here!

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