Congratulations pilots! You win the first ever AWESOME Medal!

Congratulations pilots! You win the first ever AWESOME Medal!

Commercial airline pilots haven’t been getting good press recently. I am reading a lot in the “mainstream” media about how this is an epidemic and how pilots are now so unprofessional. Most of these folks like big headlines, but offer little content or support.

Sure, they do have some valid material to work with. We have the Qantas pilots who forgot the landing gear, we have the pilot asking passengers to pray, we have the pilots who overshot an airport, and most recently a United Airlines pilot got arrested for being too drunk.

Yes, all these incidents are not professional, inappropriate, and dangerous. These pilots should be dealt with appropriately. But this is NOT an epidemic, this is not going to be an on-going trend, and most importantly these actions do not represent the huge majority of pilots out flying today.

Pilots don’t always have it easy. With pay cuts, increased hours, time away from family, it can be a difficult job. But most pilots are not doing it for the free airline tickets or a fancy pilot’s hat. They do it because they have a passion for flying and absolutely love their jobs.

On any given day in the United States there are about 87,000 flights. About 30,000 of which are commercial airline flights.  Those are a lot of flights flown by professional pilots who safely get their passengers, cargo, and themselves to their destination safely each and everyday.

I just want people to be aware and do not discriminate against a whole profession, just from a few bad apples!

So, to celebrate the 99.9% of wonderful pilots out there, I give my first ever AWESOME medal to all those great pilots out there, who help to make an airline industry exciting!

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Image: Orig from American Airlines

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