Taking away the glory

Taking away the glory

On July 1st, I was so excited to give out my first “More Crazy Than Ryanair” medal to Spring Airlines for the idea of having people stand on the plane instead of having seats.

Well, Ryanair is now stating they have been in talks with Boeing about creating their own “standing room only” section.

I hereby have to rescind my medal given to Spring Airlines. I wonder if there ever will be an airline that is crazier than Ryanair?!

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Passenger Works on Plane to get it Airborne

When I first read this story, I really thought it came from one of our writers. Sure enough, though it’s true. My question is, if you’re going to be charged extra to use the bathroom, and charged extra to sit down, will you also be charged extra to sit down in the bathroom?

Nobody tell O’Leary! He’s crazy enough to do it.

This stuff is just too crazy for us to have made up. Our imaginations will never be able to compete with the reality of Michael O’Leary 😉

I think the next award will be given to Ryanair itself. The will not have standing room only flights, they will also have hooks under and over the wings that people can secure themselves too and fly outside for a more refreshing experience.

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