Thomas Cook Boeing 757

Thomas Cook Boeing 757

You hear the stories of a doctor or law enforcement officer on a flight stepping forward to help out on a plane, but this time an engineer had his day in the spotlight.

Passengers on Thomas Cook flight TCX9641 from Menorca, Spain  were told their flight would be delayed eight hours while an engineer was flown in to work on the plane. One passenger felt he might be of service and identified himself as a qualified aircraft engineer. After careful scrutiny, it was determined the man was highly qualified to work on the Boeing 757-200, as he actually works for a company that has a reciprocal maintenance agreement with Thomas Cook.

The man was able to determine the issue and fix it rather quickly. When re-boarding the aircraft,  he was greeted with a big round of applause. The flight was able to take off and arrive only 35 minutes late to Glasglow, UK.

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Source: BBC Image: fishbed93

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I have a brother who’s a Chef. If there is no food on the flight, he can feed the people with a piece of gum, lint, and bread crumbs from the bottom of his backpack. Chef’s are next in line! I can feel it!

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