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Taking away the glory

Taking away the glory

On July 1st, I was so excited to give out my first “More Crazy Than Ryanair” medal to Spring Airlines for the idea of having people stand on the plane instead of having seats.

Well, Ryanair is now stating they have been in talks with Boeing about creating their own “standing room only” section.

I hereby have to rescind my medal given to Spring Airlines. I wonder if there ever will be an airline that is crazier than Ryanair?!

medalThere is a lot of grumbling (and some good jokes out there) dealing with riding on a modern airliner is like being in a cattle car. Airlines are looking to cut costs and bring in profits at the expense of passenger comfort.

Ryanair normally steals the spot light for crazy ideas, but Spring Airlines takes the cake on this one. They are looking at cutting out seats and putting barstool type seats. It would allow for 40% more passengers and cut costs by 20%.

Spring Airlines gets the first ever MORE CRAZY THAN RYANAIR award for coming up with an idea even crazier than one from Ryanair.