B747 British AirwaysMillions of people travel on airlines around the world. I figured there had to be some crazy lawsuits out there and sure enough! Here are some of my favorites:

* Student sues US Aiways for $1million for a lost xBox

* Woman sues American Airlines for $200,000.00 because her seatmate…well…he had too much personal time on the flight. Don’t get it? You can read the story.

* Lawyer sues Delta Air Lines $1 million for making him and his family miss his mother’s 80th birthday.

* Man sues JetBlue for $2 million for allegedly making him sit in the bathroom for part of the flight

* Woman won’t shut off phone, gets arrested, then sues Southwest Airlines for doing their job.

* A married couple sued United Airlines for serving too much wine to the husband, causing him to abuse his wife.

* Man wanted to use his Continental Airline miles on another airline and didn’t want to pay the “other airline fee.”

* Some passengers of Flight 1549 didn’t feel the $5000.00 (and a second chance at life) was enough from the historic landing and are suing for emotional damages.

* Passengers sued when Bonnie Tyler sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart” live on an Air France flight because it was getting too rowdy

* Man sues British Airways for kicking him off the plane for being too stinky.

* Mother sues a Swedish airline after her son’s hamsters got frozen in the airline cargo hold (they bought them a new puppy).

Think about all these crazy lawsuits when you aren’t happy with how much your next airline ticket costs!

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That’s hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. The only thing that would make it worst is if they actually won. But people are always looking for ways to make a dollar!


I always tell the ladies that attend my sessions to take self defense courses….. just in case.

I read on Times Online (the link) that the hamser one was completely made-up and false so that didn’t happen and it ain’t true so don’t get all upset coz it ain’t real okay!


In everyone of those suits the plaintiff and their lawyer should have been taken outside and beaten to death after first making them pay for the airlines cost to deffend themselfs in these suits. The only one that has even a bit of validity is the one the the woman who ended up with the wanker sitting next to her. In that instance she should have just beat the crap out of him right where he sat.


the hamster story is not true. the article cited to cleary states they made it up

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